Friday, 9 December 2011

Zine cover

Since the cover for the Horizon zine should match the inside pages, I have sketched a few ideas with both serif and sans-serif type. I quite like one of the magazine covers shown in the lecture presentation, so I then tried drawing the title in cursive script type. It turned out as my favourite of all thumbnails because it's more fun and interesting.

I took a photo of Yara and quickly sketched her sitting on the curvy bridge between h and n like a swing. Unfortunately that quick photo didn't capture everything so I had to make up her shoes...

But I really liked the relaxing atmosphere and that certainly fits within the purpose of the Zine. I decided this is going to be the cover design and asked Yara to be my model again, and this time took a clearer photo (yay!)

I traced the mock-up cover printout on the light-box with pencil and traced again with a liner. The type gets fatter every time I draw it, which isn't bad since the cover is relatively empty.

And here is my illustrated cover, scanned by Yara who was happy with the cartoon version of her :D

I will be adding text to it once I know what fonts I'm using for the other pages.

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