Thursday, 27 October 2011


As part of my Halloween tradition, I made a collage for my seasonal pumpkin hair and outfit. I'm not a fan of horror films/blood/ghosts/human parts but I do like to play around with various found images.

Although there are many tools to erase background of an image, my favourite is the old eraser, done with the mouse :D

I then started to work around it by drawing some blood drips that won't even scare a 3 year old kid, and after failing to create a vampire castle scene, I decided to put myself onto a table of feasts. Other graphics were found on the internet and the dancing skeleton is surprisingly cute in the picture! =D

The typeface used for Halloween 2011 is Black Castle, which certainly reminds me of a big old fashioned English castle, possibly haunted too (I hope not). I then used the simple and clean Clarendon for Rakuku to balance out the decorations. Overall I'm happy with it and received good feedbacks, bonus!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Wolverhampton Gallery Visit

As soon as we entered the gallery I was captured by mystery creature shaped light by the stairs leading to the Georgian room, which was decorated with rich maroon (or is it just red?) floral pattern with green panels above, and more florals on the carpets, all accompanied by various gold frames that screams delicacy and luxury.

The Family of Eldred Lancelot Lee by Joseph Highmore
I've chosen this beautiful family painting as my favourite partly because all the luxurious fabric and dresses, also the interesting mix of real and fantasy (angels at the back - turns out one of them is their daughter who died at infancy).

The Georgian Room has a lot of objects to show and daily life of that period, like clothes and wigs, writing desk and equipments.

10 Objects of the Black Country

The objects are presented in a readable(?) way where we can walk around the table and see them at different angles. Plus they can be gently touched, giving people to feel the material and textures.

The Victorian room was full of things I didn't expect - they are objects and arts from all around the world with very strong features which make you think "Ooh that's very Japanese/Egyptian" at the first sight.

Sergio by Annalisa Avancini

Jakub by Jan Mikulka

The BP Portrait Award has portraits in many different styles, some are realistic like photographs, some are more stylised. My favourite two pieces are Sergio by Annalisa Avancini, because I like old people it reminds me of my grandad, and the muted colours made the scene very soft and calm.
Jakub by Jan Mikulka is just like a photograph, but not as horrifyingly realistic with magnified details as some other portraits.

Music From The Balconies


Lastly I looked at Ed Ruscha's work. Most of them feature chunky bold type at the centre of the images.