Thursday, 27 October 2011


As part of my Halloween tradition, I made a collage for my seasonal pumpkin hair and outfit. I'm not a fan of horror films/blood/ghosts/human parts but I do like to play around with various found images.

Although there are many tools to erase background of an image, my favourite is the old eraser, done with the mouse :D

I then started to work around it by drawing some blood drips that won't even scare a 3 year old kid, and after failing to create a vampire castle scene, I decided to put myself onto a table of feasts. Other graphics were found on the internet and the dancing skeleton is surprisingly cute in the picture! =D

The typeface used for Halloween 2011 is Black Castle, which certainly reminds me of a big old fashioned English castle, possibly haunted too (I hope not). I then used the simple and clean Clarendon for Rakuku to balance out the decorations. Overall I'm happy with it and received good feedbacks, bonus!

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