Tuesday, 6 December 2011

"Hello & Welcome"

Here are the initial thumbnails I have done with the given text, using 7 columns and 3mm gutter grids to help me placing the texts.

The circles layouts were inspired by Jess' example. I have also used grey for some areas to give a little more variety to the page.

I liked all of them but they will be a pain to fit in the texts, as we cannot change them and it's difficult to fit a circular text-box perfectly.

Then I considered using images.

I have done the first design in InDesign and got to know the basic controls of the software, but the full size print-out wasn't exciting at all. Partly because the columns for each section were too narrow, also the fact that I didn't place a picture of the original sketch into the programme to use as guidelines made the result look quite different from the thumbnail.

The images were simple so they don't dominate the page. The ones in the print-out below were drawn with pencil because I didn't have them yet. I am thinking of using line drawings to keep the simplicity, also matching the Zine cover.

I think the last 'image' layout looks best as the placement is more dynamic than the others, and will be tested in InDesign next.

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