Friday, 18 November 2011


These images are created solely on my phone with 3 apps. They allow me to apply many different effects; but at the same time it was challenging to achieve different results with the same tools.

Each of these has multiple effects applied, (I've tortured some with over 6,7 filters, hence the blurry quality) because I don't believe in good results at just one click. 

I was just taking picture of my grungy notes/notebooks/books...

Then moved onto other objects around me

And got a little carried away...

The rose/royal blue version is very dreamy, while the black and white is bolder with a solid black frame around it.

As you've probably noticed, I like to have pink-blue-purple, be them solid colours or gradients, in almost all my pictures. They are my favourite combination of colours and I think they go with everything.

That's possibly why I'm not very happy with the one below, that big orange blob in the corner totally killed it for me :|

I also played with shots of Mock The Week as it was on TV at that time. They were much more fun than still objects because you don't know what you'll actually capture!

6 finger Dara!

Not sure about the frame, but the line in the centre made it interesting
And some accidental strange results.

The one with Dara O'Brien reminds me of Constructivism posters and works of Rodchenko, especially the geometric lines and shapes.

But my favourite out of all has to be this - yes, because it's got pink and blue lights! And eye blinding turquoise! :D

Lastly it's my makeup bag, and from my point of view I think it looks like some kind of starry

I may use some symmetrical designs in my projects as they are fun to look at and work with.

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