Friday, 4 November 2011

Liverpool Trip

The Liverpool trip that took place during induction week was hectic but very interesting, as the museums we visited have a diverse range of arts in many different forms.

Our first stop was Another Place by Antony Gormley at Crosby beach, which was shown in UK for the first time. The sculptures were made from moulds of Gormley's body with cast iron. Each one was placed at different heights, so when the tides are high some figures may be drowned in the water.

It is pretty ironic (hmmm) that the figures are made of hard, solid iron while it's set to explore the relationship between man and nature - us human are so weak and unsteady when facing the nature.

We then head to the International Slavery Museum, which I found as depressing as the weather because people were treated in such awful ways. The African exhibition next to it was more colourful and upbeat.

Many of works exhibited in Tate Liverpool were intriguing, unfortunately I didn't note down their titles nor the artists...

This box of mirrors and basketballs in glass tank played with our perception of space using orinary objects, and I must say they were very effective!

I'm not always fond of Andy Warhol's colour palettes, but was very pleased to see the Campell's Soup and The Queen prints as they were so iconic and beautifully done. The vibrant pink and red were bold and catchy, which is exactly my impression of Pop Art.

Books in a glass wall sounds magical, but the actual scene is pretty violent, in my opinion.
And the lobster phone must have attracted many hungry visitor's attention...

This giant wall of text made me a little dizzy; the other wall next to it is for visitors to create their own poems with magnetic words (in a pretty script font :D).

I really like this photography piece with a man holding a paper saying I'm Desperate, while smiling to the camera. Another piece that caught my eye was pages of a passport, displayed flat in a frame, in a nice orange - purple gradient. It immediately reminds me of mine and instantly feel like I'm in the airport.

The Apple(?) sculpture with an interesting hole, and this set of absolutely huge table and chairs are the main works that inspired my postcard design. They are both blown-up versions of everyday things, and their sizes are exactly what made them surreal.

My drawing for the poastcard task was Snow White in Wonderland. It still consists of my favourite Alice in Wonderland theme and falling objects, like the giant chair and table, suspicious apple and Dali style clock.

(Surprisingly) it's not a graphics, aka CAD piece partly because I felt more comfortable to use pen and paper to put the idea down. I think I can take this idea further into more illustrations.

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