Friday, 9 December 2011

'My Space' collage - Symmetrical

For this collage idea I used photos taken in Britain, China and Japan. I was messing with photos of the buildings on the street I used to live in China and the symmetrical effect looked pretty good to me - so I carried on with this idea and added more elements.

I changed the sky to a previous experimental image I did for this project, which has a more dramatic blue to orange transition.

I played with blending modes to bring the objects together more naturally.

The difference is easy to see as I put 2 of the stages side by side.

I had some good feedbacks on the whole image and I do think it's eye catching. The oriental looking red leaves was in fact taken on the way to Birmingham, and the tower was a Japanese one. I'm glad that what I use in the collage aren't as obvious as they might sound.

I used this as my mock-up final poster, but I agree there is not much content in it. Focusing on matching up the horizon is easier to match photos and angles but doesn't give much depth to the finished result.

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